Our Mission
To help bring abundance to millions of AI creators by enabling them to manifest their ideas and inspirations with ease. To do that we are creating a place where they can create, exhibit and monetize AI products and services with the most joyful AI tools.
Our Core Principles
Our product principles are rooted in minimalism, focus and clarity of thought. Our simple belief is that people do the best work of their life, when they are in the state of joy. We want the AI creators to feel the joy and stay in that zone, so they can predict, create and build a better future.
Byproduct -
Solve the discovery problem
There are millions of data scientists and AI practioners who have amazing ideas and have interesting projects and apps. They want to be dicovered and they want their work to be discovered. By building the best showcase integrated with the tools, users can easily publish, we allow them and their work to be discovered more easily
The Team
We are an experienced and a mission-driven team of engineers, designers and scientists with deep technical backgrounds from MIT, Caltech, CMU and others global universities.